To consume an oyster is to simultaneously take a trip to the sea and down memory lane. Enjoyment of an oyster is pre-dated; it is an algorithm of one's past and one's present.

O' Oysters perfects the present. We source clean, fresh, full bodied, cold water oysters. We transport them to any Mid-coast and Southern Maine event site. We then expertly shuck and serve our oyster selection "on the half-shell" from our unique shuck-carts that are engineered with style and efficient function. A selection of four traditional accoutrements is made available. While shucking and serving we offer varietal information, harvester biographies, historical relevance and novel anecdotes regarding the oysters at hand. We are a full-service mobile oyster bar dedicated to our customers' satisfaction and the oyster's exaltation.

Our Service

The most visible aspect of our service is our shucking stations. We have multiple sizes that are suitable for various settings. Each is self-contained having refrigeration, storage, shuck boards, display space and disposal capacity. Each is mobile and aesthetically appealing.

Although each O' Oyster shucking station is designed to ennoble its setting, it is the quality of our oyster selection that impresses most.  Our oysters are expertly sourced with strict criteria guiding their selection.  Every oyster type that makes our menu is harvested from cold, northern waters and is harvested at the peak of its growth cycle.  Their meats must be plump and fatty, their liquor crisp and briny.  We choose oysters that tell of where they're grown; like wine, an oyster's flavor will hint of the terroir in which it was raised as will its physical traits of color and size.  We highlight the unique characteristics of each type of oyster we serve so that the experience of eating them is made more enjoyable by the knowledge of their origin. 

Preference has been given within our selection to small, independent growers; much of our selection is from the Maine coast although we carry oysters from N.H., MA, RI, Eastern Canada and Washington State.  We will source alternative varieties by request so that our customers' personal preferences can be on hand. Our choices of oyster toppings is traditional in nature: freshly squeezed lemon juice, classic cocktail sauce, a mignonette and a hot sauce will be present to satisfy our customers' tastes.

Conducting the unparalleled oyster eating experience that O' Oysters provides is our service staff. Our staff is not only skilled at opening oysters but is also knowledgeable of our oysters' origins, grower biographies, harvest methods, flavor profiles, and relevant historical significance. O' Oyster servers are able to eloquently impart this knowledge to their audience while weaving into the conversation anecdotal and historical information relevant to the oyster at hand.  Our service staff is appropriately dressed to convey the aesthetic narrative of our customer's occasion.